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Which car phone holder will be a good choice? What is worth knowing before buying?

6 grudnia 2021

A phone holder is a convenient way to navigate your car or make safe calls. What to look for when choosing this type of accessory, and what types of smartphone holders are there? See more:

Why use a phone holder?

A smartphone is used not only for phone calls, but also for surfing the Internet or listening to music. Thanks to the device we also have access to many useful programs while using the vehicle, about which we write more in the article Smartphone in the car: applications for drivers.

The phone should be used with caution while driving. You certainly should not hold it in your hand, put it loosely on the passenger seat, lean it against the dashboard or keep it in a shallow compartment. Why?

First of all, for safety reasons. During braking the phone can fall under the pedals, for example.

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Reaching for the smartphone while driving is not a good idea either. When we answer a phone call or glance at a navigation map, we take our eyes off the road. We can get distracted just looking for our smartphone in the dark when it starts ringing. A moment's inattention can cost us dearly.

In addition, you have to take into account the rules. As it says in Article 45, paragraph 2, point 1. of the Law on Road Traffic: "The driver of a vehicle is forbidden to use a telephone that requires holding a headset or microphone in his hand while driving". Failure to comply with this provision may result in a fine of PLN 200 and as many as five penalty points.

Another issue is that an unsecured phone can simply be damaged. It is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which a smartphone falls on the floor or hits the dashboard and its glass shatters.

A phone holder is an accessory that will immobilize your device. If we place it in the right place, we won't take our eyes off the road so often either. It will be easier to read the navigation or answer a call. Of course switching it to the speaker.

What are the types of car holders for a phone?

One of the most popular types of car holders is the one mounted to the windshield. The advantage of this type of model is that the smartphone is practically at eye level and relatively easy to reach with the hand.

The downside of a windshield-mounted phone holder can be the negative impact on visibility. In addition, you need to remember to check the mount from time to time. Suction cup under the influence of both high and low temperature, can detach from the glass.

An alternative to a standard smartphone holder are models that can be attached to any flat surface, including the dashboard. These types of accessories should have a solid mount. An example of such a device is the My Auto Virage Universal Car Mount. This product has a large, strong and tightened suction cup, so it will stick to even such unusual surfaces as drywall.

Phone holder

Another type is a phone holder that attaches to the grille. Positioned at the height of the ventilation hole makes it easy to access the smartphone. Usually you do not have to lean into it, as is the case with windshield mounted phone holders. In addition, the smartphone holder on the grille in no way limits visibility. However, it can affect the operation of ventilation, and in winter, if you do not close the given grille, the phone can get very hot.

Among the advantages we can also mention the simple installation, which takes a few seconds. How does the installation process look like? In the case of accessories such as My Auto Virage Smart Fit grille phone holder, a clip is used with a button to spread the arms.

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